Why you need a professional will writer

by | May 5, 2021

If you’ve already thought about writing your will you’ve probably also considered how best to go about it. You might have looked at talking to a professional but hesitated because it all sounds expensive. There are ways to do it for free, but is that really the best choice? Here are a few of the benefits you get from talking to a professional will writer.


A professional will get it right

One of the main benefits of talking to a professional will writer is that we know the law. I’ve been through a rigorous training process and also do ongoing training to make sure my knowledge is up to date. That means that when you come to see me or any other accredited will writer, we can advise you on the best way to approach making your will. Inheritance tax law isn’t that exciting but it’s important to understand the effect passing a particular asset such as a home or business into trust or to a particular person will have on your estate’s inheritance tax bill. We stay up to date so that your family will not end up with an unexpected tax bill.  Plus, if we ever get it wrong, we’re backed by insurance.


They’ll get you thinking

You might think that your estate is simple but there are often some ‘what if’ scenarios that you won’t have thought about. A will writer will talk to you about your assets and family circumstances to help you understand the areas where you might need a back-up plan. I used to be a financial adviser and whilst I can’t give you financial advice now, I can talk about the issues that you need to consider when making your will. It’s very rare that I write a will straight after meeting with a client as there are always things to go away and think about. While there are DIY wills available online, they’re processed by a robot so you don’t have a person to evaluate and explain any potential issues.


Your documents will be clear

You might think that a professional will is full of legal jargon that only another lawyer can translate. I write wills in language you can understand. At the same time, it needs to have the right legal terminology. This is particularly important if your will includes a trust as the wording has to have legal validity. I’ve seen some DIY wills that created a trust by accident and it’s caused extra stress that a bereaved family doesn’t need. A properly written will also protects you if there’s a challenge. This can happen if you’re excluding someone from your will. I’ll work with you to prepare evidence to show why you’ve made that decision. It won’t prevent a challenge but it can make sure your wishes are honoured.


Your family will be supported

Losing someone you love is horribly stressful so the last thing you want is a will that creates extra problems. When you have a will written by a professional you know that everything has been done properly so the process will be straightforward after you’re gone. This includes really simple things like proper storage. All the wills we store are added to a national register so the original will is easy to find when the time comes. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your family will have someone to talk to about what steps they need to take. They won’t have to deal with it alone.

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