The clients of Premier Wills transferred to Westcotes Wills in late 2023, and sadly, Colin Moore, the owner of Premier Wills, passed away earlier this year.

We had been working with Colin for the last three years as he started to step back from his business due to ill health. We know many of you held Colin and his team in high regard, and we hope to continue serving you in the same manner.


Who are Westcotes Wills and Rosie O’Hanlon-Hills?

Rosie founded Westcotes Wills five years ago, and we have since grown to a team of five. We work with clients all over England and Wales, but predominantly in the Midlands. More information is available here.

We’ve recently started a programme of reaching out to all Premier Wills clients, which will be completed later this year. If you haven’t yet been contacted, below are answers to some questions you may have.

Premier Wills arranged will storage, is my will still safe?

We want to assure you that if you arranged storage through Premier Wills your will continues to be safely stored with either the Probate Office or Kings Court Trust and remains accessible. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You have the wrong details on your records for me.

We apologize if any of the information we have on you is incorrect. If this is the case, please contact us by email at office@westcoteswills.co.uk or call 0116 380 0752 so we can amend our records.

We have rewritten our Will and forgot to inform Premier Wills!

Please drop us an email at office@westcoteswills.co.uk or call 0116 380 0752. We will need a copy of your ID to release your old will to you so you can cancel it.

how do I update my will?

Please email office@westcoteswills.co.uk or call 0116 380 0752. We’ll need to speak to you before we can update your will.


I previously made an annual payment to Premier Wills.

This has been cancelled as the Premier Wills bank account has been closed.

A loved one has passed away; how do we retrieve their Will?

We’ll need to see a copy of the death certificate and ID for all the executors named in the will. Please drop us an email at office@westcoteswills.co.uk or call 0116 380 0752. Immediate action may need to be taken.

My house is part-owned by a property protection trust/i’m a Trustee of a Will Trust. What do I need to know?

Many Premier Wills clients included trusts in their wills. If a property trust has been activated due to the death of a spouse or partner, HM Land Registry should have been updated to reflect the change in property ownership. You must verify if this has occurred. You can check online at https://www.gov.uk/search-property-information-land-registry. It is crucial that property trusts are handled properly to prevent any challenges by a third party such as a local authority.

Many trusts must now be registered with HMRC, and further information can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/register-a-trust-as-a-trustee. Please contact us via email at office@westcoteswills.co.uk or call 0116 380 0752 for further guidance if required. If you are a trustee of a trust, you may need to take immediate action.

About Westcotes Wills

Westcotes Wills’ goal is to provide you with clear concise information so that you can make the key decisions needed to protect yourself, your family and your business in the event of serious illness or death.

Our team has both a law and financial planning background, in addition to holding appropriate drafting qualifications and training for drafting wills, power of attorney and deputyship applications.

As a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters Westcotes Wills are dedicated to demonstrating our commitment to being qualified and ethical in our approach.

The business proprietor Rosie has worked in financial services for 18 years and is a chartered financial planner. Training with the Institute of Professional Will Writers has taken her back to her legal routes of 20 years ago. She graduated with a LLB (Hons), law degree and has previously worked in a legal practice.  

We can really recommend Rosie

We can really recommend Rosie to help you with your will.  She has been amazing with all her knowledge, friendly advice, patience & understanding.  Most appreciative. 

clear and helpful advice

Thank you so much for your professionalism and patience with the drafting and completion of our wills.  You eased us through the process giving us clear and helpful advice.

very helpful

Rosie was very helpful, friendly, polite and engaging.  Her professionalism is second to none.

I was impressed

Rosie has helped me navigate the whole will-writing process with ease and made it far less daunting and scary than I was expecting it to be.  I was impressed by her pleasant and friendly manner and would definitely recommend her services.

Our first meeting is at our cost, before any work is carried out we agree the fee in advance.  All costs are transparent and clear.

Rosie works directly with private clients and professionals ensuring that their personal and business estate planning is fit for purpose, and that it is reviewed on a regular basis.  Taking account of the ever changing circumstances that are inevitable in life.

In her spare time Rosie is kept busy with her young family of two and trying to fit in the odd half marathon.