Services for business owners

Helping you protect your business interests

We’re all free to leave our personal property to whoever we like when we’re gone, but as a business owner your needs are likely to be more complex. Whether you’re a sole trader, company director or part of a partnership, your will needs to let your executors know how to deal with your interests when they administer your estate.

Your industry or profession and the way your business is structured will influence your business continuity planning. That could also affect the provisions you make in your will and the people you choose to take over when you need to step back.

It’s important to choose someone who understands how your business operates as they’ll be able to keep everything running smoothly. You may already have a trusted colleague in mind. You don’t have to choose a family member if they aren’t involved in the business. If it’s a family operation a relative might be the perfect choice. We’ll help you to consider your options.

Sole traders

Will your business need to close when you’re not around to run it? Would you rather hand it over to someone else instead? If you have a trusted associate who’ll take care of your clients when you’re gone, we’ll make sure your wishes are carried out.

Partnerships and limited companies

Your company documents, shareholder agreements, or partnership agreements will overrule the provisions in your will if there’s a clash. We’ll consider all the documents to give you the right advice and make sure that doesn’t happen.

Business powers of attorney

A power of attorney will enable someone else to deal with your business interests if you can’t, but they need to reflect your company documents too. We’ll help you to consider the details, from the provisions you make through to choosing the right attorney.

Professional bodies

Is your business regulated or are you a member of a professional body? There are likely to be rules and regulations that will influence the choices you make in your will and power of attorney. We’ll make sure it’s all taken into account.

Doing the right thing for your business

Do you have a backup plan for your business? Will any outstanding work be completed when you’re gone and who’ll make sure the bills get paid? Whether your business will continue without you or just needs winding up, we’ll ensure your representatives have the right provisions in place.

We don’t want your valued clients to be left high and dry – let’s make sure they’re looked after whatever happens.

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Meet Rosie...

Rosie has worked in financial services for 18 years and is a chartered financial planner. Training with the Institute of Professional Will Writers has taken her back to her legal routes of 20 years ago. She graduated with a LLB (Hons) law degree and has previously worked in a legal practice.

She works directly with private clients and professionals ensuring that their personal and business estate planning is fit for purpose and that it is reviewed on a regular basis.  Taking account of the ever-changing circumstances that are inevitable in life.