How you can help your attorneys make the right decisions

by | Sep 1, 2022

When you create a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) you choose the people that you want to make decisions for you when you’re no longer able to. It can be a difficult decision as you need to be confident that they’ll look after your finances well or make good decisions about your care and wellbeing. How can you make sure that they have enough information to make the choice you’d have made for yourself? Here’s how I do it.

Create a letter of wishes

When I create an LPA for a client I also prepare a letter of wishes. Not all will writers do this but it’s a good way to let your attorneys know about the things that matter to you. A letter of wishes can include anything you want your attorneys to know about you and how you currently do things. You can use it to provide practical information as well as talk about your preferences for the future. It’s a lot to think about but I’ll guide you through the process.

Give people the information they need

A finance LPA lets your attorneys manage your finances when you can’t do it for yourself. If you already have an accountant or financial adviser who helps you to manage your affairs now, you might want that to carry on when your attorney takes over. You can’t insist that your representative contacts your accountant in your LPA, but you can put it into your letter of wishes. It can include their contact details so your attorneys can find them easily. You can also let your attorneys know how you manage your finances now.

Who do you look after?

A good LPA lets you live as normal a life as possible. That can mean that you keep sending gifts to your loved ones. If you normally send birthday presents to your grandchildren, your attorneys can keep sending them on your behalf. Your letter of wishes can tell them what you usually do; do you send gifts or money? Who do you send them to and when? Is it just birthdays and Christmas or other occasions too? It means that you can keep being part of family life.

What do you enjoy?

A health and welfare LPA helps you maintain your quality of life, even when you need extra support. Your letter of wishes can include information about the things you enjoy and want to be encouraged to continue, even if you can’t do them to the same level any longer. You might not be able to do any heavy digging, but you can still enjoy your garden. You can talk about your favourite hobbies and the music you love to listen to so you can still enjoy your life.

Making decisions about your health and care

There might be details that your health and welfare attorneys aren’t aware of, even if they know you well. Giving them details of your medication, allergies and intolerances helps them manage your health needs. You can also tell them about your favourite foods and any dietary requirements.

Your attorneys may ultimately have to make decisions about where you live and the end-of-life care you receive. It’s important that they know what you would like to happen. Your letter of wishes can include your preferences for different circumstances. These conversations can be painful, but it gives your loved ones the reassurance that they’re doing the right thing.

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