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Make your will and support vulnerable adults with Hammersley Homes

I’m delighted to be working with Hammersley Homes on their mission to provide permanent support for adults who suffer from long term mental illness.

When you make your will or Lasting Power of Attorney with me, I’ll share 10% of the fee you pay with the charity to help them reach their fundraising goals. If you choose to remember Hammersley Homes in your will you won’t just be supporting an incredible charity; you may reduce your inheritance tax bill too.

Who are Hammersley Homes?

Hammersley Homes aim to provide permanent support for adults who struggle to live independently because of severe and enduring mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia. They currently offer outreach services to adults in the New Forest, with a team of trained volunteers working with adults in their own homes. Behind the scenes, they’re preparing to open their first long term supported home.

The ultimate goal is to provide a nationwide network of outreach assistance and supported homes. Adults with long term mental health conditions are at risk of becoming hospitalized, homeless or being imprisoned. The safety, security and sense of community that supported housing provides can help to prevent that. It reduces the burden on hospitals and the criminal justice system and lets vulnerable adults live with dignity in a place they can call home.

Why it matters to me

In 2020 we said goodbye to one of my dearest and oldest friends. The reality was that we lost him quite a while before he died due to the impact of his ill health. Re-occurring psychosis was just one of several illnesses he had to contend with during the later years of his life. He was 41, a talented writer and cinematographer who made the most hilarious videos about his life and travels. If he decided to do something it got done, whether that was raising money for charity or setting up a talent competition for his employer, a national broadcaster.

He said he couldn’t find the old him, and that frightened him. He tried his best and we, his friends and incredible family, did our best to support him. But combine a pandemic, ongoing psychosis and trying to beat his demons was just too much.


The lack of proper support was all too obvious. He fell down the huge cracks in a system that is not fit for purpose in cases like this. The stigma of drug addiction and the barrier it raises in getting access to services was all too apparent.

That’s why when I learnt about the work that Hammersley Homes is looking to achieve, I have jumped at the opportunity for my business to support them. I understand the importance of the work they do, and I want to support their efforts to make the service they want to provide nationwide.

Providing safe and supportive housing for people with serious and on-going mental health illnesses could mean the difference between life or death. I don’t know if this kind of opportunity would have made a difference. I’d like to think it could have done but we will never know.

Let’s get started

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Meet Rosie...

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